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I am a certified Transpersonal Crystal Therapist and Usui Reiki Master. I offer both in-person sessions in South Burlington, VT (sliding scale of $80-$150) and distance healing. Please use the contact form to book a session in-person.

Reiki and crystal healing are types of energy medicine which work synergistically to relax and reattune the body. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are all possible. Your intention to heal, combined with the high frequencies from both Reiki and the stones are a potent team.

Reiki is the practice of transferring universal life energy to another person. It's what makes tree sap rise and flowers bloom. Each session is an opportunity to feel and remember the connection you have to energy and to your true nature, for this is how healing happens.

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"I wanted to heal from headaches and menstrual cycle struggles. After so many years of attempts to tune into how to heal, I found Malisa Garlieb. From the beginning, before my healing session, Malisa guided me through the process of tuning into my history and symptoms. Her intuitive and empathic nature, combined with her wisdom, allowed me to fully embrace the steps of the process- the before, during, and after phases of my healing session. She is a gifted healer, with the knowledge of the energetic properties of crystals, and the work that they can do in her hands. I was astonished to find that the flow, heat, light, and energetic healing sensations were as powerful from a distance as they would have been in an in-person session. It felt as though she was in the room with me. Now, I am feeling the most profound results, and I have the insight and the power to continue to heal. My body has changed, my energy has changed, and my intuition guides me to make daily healing choices."

-Diana Mullins

"Malisa welcomed me to her clean, well-ventilated home studio looking like a priestess from a northern forest, in a fir green dress with a simple stone necklace. She listened to my spiritual journey with all kinds of stones, from beach findings to precious gems, and then made me comfortable on her work table. With a prayerful combination of weight and words, she placed an appropriate stone on each of my chakras, from root to crown. I spent the hour bathed in relaxation and magic. At the end, I rose cleansed and strengthened, looking forward to repeating the experience."

-E. C.



Weaving story, movement, and the arts into academic lessons, Malisa Garlieb taught in Waldorf schools for twenty years. She now brings her skills—deep listening, compassionate observation, and imagination—to her writing projects, jewelry, and sessions with clients.

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