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Often employing myth, art, and nature, Malisa Garlieb writes personal histories while simultaneously unfolding archetypes. Handing Out Apples in Eden is her first poetry collection, and there's a second manuscript in the works. She was a recent poetry editor at Mud Season Review.

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(Wind Ridge Books, 2014)

In her debut collection, Handing Out Apples in Eden, poet Malisa Garlieb has produced a book of warm and sometimes startling intimacy that grapples with issues at the core of modern relationships: the fluidity of identity and desire, the intersection of image and reality, the crux where personal and political collide in small acts of allegiance and betrayal. Holding and releasing emotional tension, trilling on the tongue, these poems, like arrows, fly straight to the heart.

Out of print, but sometimes available used.

“Line after line, these poems are stunning! Born in mind and mouth, true and real experience, found and transformed into poetry…in which you will find yourself.”

-Gary Margolis

“Malisa Garlieb has an ear for the sound of her poems: the many stressed syllables, internal rhymes and alliterative phrasing make the poems best read aloud. From parenting to love, she shines a lucid light on the personal.”

-Josie Leavitt

“Reading these poems is like stepping into a secret garden. Garlieb’s words are wildly beautiful, and the sensations she plants grow untamed within the reader. Each poem hangs on a balance between tension and reconciliation. Garlieb seduces the reader with her ripe imagery and artful expression. She has created a garden, full of unapologetic temptation.”

-Rebekah Hopkinson


Qu, RHINO Poetry, Rust + Moth, Rathalla Review, Tar River Poetry, Calyx, Painted Bride Quarterly, So to Speak, Gyroscope Review, Sugar House Review, Blue Unicorn, South Florida Poetry Journal, Steam Ticket, Vermont Public Radio, Briar Cliff Review, Behind the Mirror, Good Works Review, West Trade Review, Poetry Quarterly, Cold Lake Anthology, Fourteen Hills, Off the Coast, Chautaugua, Kaleidoscope, Compass Rose, Mad Poets Review, Ship of Fools, Sugared Water, Lines + Stars, Please Do Not Remove Anthology



Weaving story, movement, and the arts into academic lessons, Malisa Garlieb taught in Waldorf schools for twenty years. She now brings her skills—deep listening, compassionate observation, and imagination—to her writing projects, jewelry, and sessions with clients.

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